Ženske diplomatke v Franciji od leta 1930 do jutrišnjega dne [fr]

Vprašanja enakosti med ženskami in moškimi imajo v mandatu predsednika Macrona zelo pomembno vlogo in so zdaj v središču delovanja Francije po svetu. Verodostojnost te zaveze temelji na zgledu naše diplomatske mreže, ki govori v prid poklicne enakosti.

Z Mednarodno strategijo za enakost med moškimi in ženskami 2018- 2022 Francija potrjuje svoje zaveze za boj proti neenakostim.

nadaljevanje v angleškem jeziku

This strategy’s primary focus is following exemplary practices regarding all staff in its diplomatic network, promoting gender equality, especially in senior management positions. It is at this level that the room for improvement is at its highest and the challenge of parity is most at stake.

Since 2012, progress in employing more women in the high-level positions of this ministry has been unprecedented with more women appointed as ambassadors between 2010 and 2018 than in the 40 years prior.
In 2018, 52% of ministry staff and 26% of ambassadors were women.

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Female ambassadors in the world | 1972 – 2018
In red: State where France is currently represented by a female ambassador
In blue: State where France has already been represented by a female ambassador
In white: International representation or State where France has never been represented by a female ambassador

Through an exhibition inaugurated at the Quai d’Orsay on 8 March 2019, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs looks back over the progress made, and what remains to be accomplished.

This exhibition presents the portraits of those women who were the first to occupy the positions of ambassador and director, but also the mosaic of women in our diplomatic network who symbolize around the world the culture of equality that the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is working to establish.
Lastly, the mirror panels reflect the range of possibilities and show the challenges that are yet to be met by encouraging every women to visualize themselves as an ambassador in countries across the five continents.

Mirror panels for the Quai d'Orsay exhibition on 8 March 2019 - JPEG

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