Študij v Franciji [fr]

Si študent(ka)? Želiš študirati v Franciji?

Campus France pomaga študentom izven Francije načrtovati študij v Franciji in kjerkoli znotraj njegove mreže 260 pisarn in centrov, v 123 državah sveta.

Campus France je javna agencija, pod okriljem Ministrstva za Evropo in zunanje zadeve ter Ministrstva za visoiko izobraževanje, raziskave in inovacije, ki je zadolžena za promocijo francoskega izobraževanja na visoki ravni v svetu ter za sprejem tujih študentov in raziskovalcev v Franciji.

Najti pravo izobraževanje

Štipendije za slovenske študente

(nadaljevanje v angleščini)

Enrolment procedures may vary depending on your nationality, your previous studies and the university or school you wish to attend.

The Campus France website gives you all the information you need on higher education in France, including scholarship programmes, enrolment requirements, and visa applications.


Higher education opportunities in France

France has a network of around 3,900 public and private education institutions, including:

  • Groups of universities and institutions;
  • Universities and similar institutions;
  • Graduate schools;
  • Engineering schools;
  • Business and management schools;
  • Art and architecture schools;
  • Private schools and institutions in all fields of study.

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The fourth-most popular destination for international students

France is one of the most attractive countries in terms of international mobility. It is the fourth-most popular destination for international students, after the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. It is the most popular non-English-speaking country.

In 2018, around 325,000 international students chose to study in France, and this number is increasing yearly.

Key figures

Over the past 10 years, the number of students has grown by 50% worldwide.*
In 2025, there will be another 80 million students worldwide.*
In 2018, around 325,000 international students were studying in France.**
French higher education programmes abroad attract 37,000 students.*

* UNESCO figures / ** Ministry of Higher Education figures

Financial aid for international students

Scholarships are available for students who do not have the resources to study in France:

  • 12,000 French government scholarships and internships are granted by embassies. They entitle recipients to free tuition in France. Applications can be submitted through your Campus France profile.
  • 14,000 tuition fee exemptions, granted by embassies, are available to non-European students, as part of the tuition fee reform. Exemptions are mainly granted to students from North and sub-Saharan Africa. Once again, applications can be submitted through your Campus France profile.
  • Schools and universities can conclude bilateral agreements with foreign institutions enabling international students to pay the same fees as European students. These agreements must be reciprocal.
  • Schools and universities also grant tuition fee exemptions based on their international strategies, provided that recipients do not represent more than 10% of all enrolled students.
  • Other tuition fee exemptions also exist for refugees or recipients of subsidiary protection for persons seeking asylum, as well as persons who are long-term residents of France and their children, spouses, partners, etc.

For more information, visit the Campus France website
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Erasmus +

Erasmus + is a European programme giving students, interns and young people under 30, with or without qualifications, the possibility of developing new skills abroad.

Every year, around 30,000 young people study in France as part of the Erasmus + programme. It is the programme’s fourth most-popular destination.

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