Make our planet great again

Po odločitvi Združenih držav Amerike, da odstopijo od Pariškega sporazuma, je predsednik Francije Emmanuel Macron 1. junija 2017 raziskovalce, učitelje in podjetnike, kot tudi združenja in mednarodne organizacije, študente in vso civilno družbo pozval k skupnim prizadevanjem v boju proti podnebnemu segrevanju.

Nadaljevanje v angleškem jeziku

This call to pool energies in order to protect the planet demonstrates France’s willingness to stand at the forefront of the fight against global warming.

This call is becoming a reality with the web platform "Make Our Planet Great Again".

This platform aims at helping to mobilize all those wishing to commit themselves to projects, carry on research, take action, seek funding or move to France for the protection of our planet.

Coordinated by the ministries of Ecological and Sustainable Transition, Foreign and European Affairs, Economic Affairs, Higher Education, Research and Innovation, this website, supported by Business France and available in both French and English, provides a single tool that is challenging, practical and action-oriented.

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